The WFI2 is a Wi-Fi wireless smartphone interface designed to work with any of our Multi-Cam or Blindwatch interfaces, aftermarket radios, and marine radios that have HDMI or composite A/V Inputs. The WFI2 allows the mirroring function of the smartphone to transfer the audio/video wireless to the display screen. 

Work with any monitor that has either a HDMI or composite video input.

* Allows for wireless (Wi-Fi) Audio/Video mirroring from mobile devices to an aftermarket screen or an OEM screen. (interface sold separately).

* HDMI output for high quality video.

* Composite audio/video output.

* Composite video input.

* USB input to play Audio and video files.

* USB remote control via a smartphone wifi connection to operate the USB input.

* Dual band (5GHz and 2.4GHz) Wifi connection.

* Works with Facetime, Maps, Skype, YouTube, and other apps.

* Kit includes; Interface, harness, 2 antennas, HDMI cable, and switch.