The PORMOD provides a rear camera input and program interface for Porsche vehicles with PCM 3.1 Navigation Systems. (It is also compatible with PCM 3.0 Systems in Cayenne only.) 


  • MUST be a PCM3.1 system or PCM3.0 system for Cayenne.
  • Some vehicle models require software version 4.00 or better.

How to tell if it is a PCM3.1 system.  Look for the Tuner/Media along with the mini SDcard slot on the middle of the radio as seen in the picture above.  If it is there it is a PCM3.1 system.  If you see AM/FM buttons, this unit is not compatible.


  • Plug and play interface
  • Integrated into the vehicle infotainment
  • Rear-view camera input (+ coding)
  • Rear-view camera power (+12V max. 500mA)
  • Video in motion
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input
  • Optionally coding of ParkAssistant to retrofit factory PDC (only PCM3.1)
  • USB update-port for software-updates

Vehicle Fitment:


2014 - 16 Macan
2014 - 16 911 GT3
2013 - 16 911*
2014 - 16 Boxster*
2009 - 16 Cayenne
2014 - 16 Cayman*
2010 - 16 Panamera

* Requires software version 4.00 or better