Add-On Cruise Control for the 2011- 16 Ford Fiesta and 2010 Mazda 3. 

AIS9610 features our classic left-hand mount stalk style control switch with built-in On/Off LED and all of the same comfort and convenience you and your customers have come to expect from an electronic AIS Cruise Control system by Rostra including stable highway driving speed control, a plug-and-play type installation and hardware that blends discretely into a vehicle’s interior.

  •  Quick access on/off functionality
  • Set coast or decrease speed with top button
  • Tap control switch down for 1 MPH decrease
  • Resume or accelerate with bottom button
  • Tap control switch up for 1 MPH increase
  • Controlled speed resume rate decreases over-speeding
  • Closer, more accurate control of highway set speed


    • 2011-16 Fiesta


    • 2010 MAZDA 3