• MUST have the 5.0 Audio System

Pictured below are examples of the Audio 5.0 Systems.  Models with the 1 piece radio you will notice there in no space between the eject and clear button.  This is a quick indicator that it is an Audio 5.0 System.  This indicator however does not work for the 2014 CLA.



Picture below is a 2014 CLA with the 5.0 Audio System.

Pictured below is a 2014 CLA with the 4.5 Audio System. The MBZMOD2 WILL NOT work.  Requires the MBZMOD1.

  • Rear camera input.
  • Dynamic Guide Lines.
  • Front camera input.
  • Front camera input can also be used as an Auxiliary Video Input.
  • +12 volt power out puts for cameras.
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input when in reverse.
  • Forced rear-view camera option. 
  • Module only.
  • Plug & Play installation.