• VERSATILITY: For all types of vehicles, including passenger vehicles, commercial trucks and all-terrain vehicles.
  • NO EXTERNAL DRIVER: The heat generated by the LED Chips is dissipated in the aluminum heat sink at the base.
  • FLEXIBILITY: The heat sink is designed to be removed and flipped upside down. This unique feature allows a larger number of protective caps to be reinstalled on the headlights.
  • INSTALLATION: Install without any modifications. The LED bulb is adjustable 360 degrees to allow the light beam to aim horizontally and create a strong projecting light beam pattern.
  • INSTANT IGNITION: The ignition of the chip is immediate once turned on so there is no need to warm them up it as the HID.
  • DESIGN: Entirely designed in aerospace grade aluminum.
  • POWER: Comparable to 6000 lumens.
  • RELIABILITY: 100% waterproof, resistant to mud, snow, shocks, vibration and dust. Can tolerate weather conditions from -40c up to + 80c.
  • COLOR: Cold white is 6500K. Self-adhesive films (included for most applications) allowing you to change the color of your headlights to your liking for a bluish or yellowish tint for your fog lights.