Peace of mind for powersport owners. Real-time GPS tracking and location security monitoring designed for land and marine environments. Protect your weekend fun or the dependable workhorse that gets the job done.




Harness the power of the AutoConnect® GPS Mobile and web based mapping dashboards for the ultimate in vehicle connectivity features.

Multiple Vehicle Controls

Enjoy having an unlimited number of devices connected to your account, welcome to the era of Vehicle Connectivity.

Voltage Request

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your battery’s current level from across the country via your smartphone and get real time low or disconnect alerts.

Status Change

True vehicle connectivity lies with being able to monitor your vehicle's battery levels and if there has been a sudden drop or power cut.

Real-Time GPS

Within seconds, gain real-time GPS positioning and historical stop locations of your vehicle via AutoConnect®'s smartphone App or on-line mapping dashboard.


Know in real time if your vehicle has exceeded a predefined max speed limit via email or text message.

Excessive Idling

Monitor and reduce fuel wastage, know exactly when, where and the total number of excessive idling events that have occurred.

After Hours Detection

With AutoConnect®'s advanced custom alert tool, you can quickly create exception rules to be notified if a vehicle has been started after hours or on the weekend in real-time. 

Tow Alert

AutoConnect®'s ultra-sensitive GPS receiver can detect if your vehicle is being moved with the ignition being turned off. The TMS200GPS series will even provide you with the gps location that the tow movement started as well as the stop location.

Service & Maintenance

AutoConnect®'s advanced virtual odometer feature can provide you with the tools to help manage your maintenance scheduling.

Boundary Breaches

Imagine having the ability to visually create custom shaped boundaries over targeted areas on a map, allowing you to monitor the entrance or exit of prohibited areas. AutoConnect® knows so you know instantly.





  • Rugged IP65 rated weather resistant 
  • Easy 2-wire install with virtual integration
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Built-in back-up battery
  • Intelligent sleep mode
  • Live position updates while moving
  • Up to 1 year battery life disconnected
  • Unauthorized usage detection
  • Track movement history





Step 1) Click on the above picture.

Step 2) Enter the SN# from the unit as both the USER NAME and PASSWORD.

Step 3) Click on the "Log in as Installer"

Step 4) Click Login

Once the page loads, click on the down arrow in the left corner of the screen.  The SN# will appear.  Click on the SN# and the GPS testing page will show.