The Mobileye CAN-Sensor is a new, non-intrusive solution for CAN-bus connection. 

No more wrong connections, warranty violation or liability issues. The Mobileye CAN-Sensor will allow you to better handle a CAN-bus reading in the right situation by simply placing the Mobileye CAN-Sensor on the vehicle CAN-bus wires without any wire cutting or splicing. 
• Non-intrusive installation 
• Simply install over the CAN-bus wires, no need to cut, strip and crimp or connect physically 
• Read the data thru the wires insulation 
• Fits most vehicles 
• Reliable CAN-bus data reading 
• Fast and simple installation
Plugs into the RS-485 Eyewatch display harness, then Eyewatch plugs into CAN Sensor 
- Mobileye CAN Sensor does not support J1939 installations and Mobileye “Fix Speed” feature 
- Mobileye CAN Sensor must be placed in between 2 CAN modules to function correctly (For example, its fine between a module located under a seat and another module located in the kick panel. CAN Sensor cannot be used behind OBDII plug.)