The WRANGSTCAM3 is the ultimate camera solution for vehicles with a exterior mounted spare tire and the need to see at night .  Most commonly used on the Jeep Wrangler,  the Wrangstcam3 will give you that perfect placement for the camera on any wheel style.  


Works with factory and most aftermarket wheels.

  • JPBRACKET2 with our LPIRCAM camera preassembled.
  • IR camera for better night vision.
  • Multi height adjustment.
  • Camera angle adjustment for fit aftermarket wheels. 
  • Powder coated black for durability.
  • High strengh steel construction.
  • 3 stud locks to to hold the camera bracket in place.

Why our bracket is the best:

The material used to manufacture the AIS bracket is CRS 1050 ; 12 gauge cold roll steel.  They are coated with Black Magic epoxy based powder coating ; more weather resistant coating vs paint or non epoxy based coatings.  

  • 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler
  • None available