The COMPRO-Series monitors was designed to give a high-end quality solution, while maintaining the ruggedness for commercial use. 

  • For use with cameras that have the RCA video connector on them, the COMRCAADPF is required for each camera you intend to use with this monitor.
  • 9" 16:9 wide screen.
  • Video input: 4
  • Multi-Camera Quad View 
  • Stainless Steel Aviation connectors. 
  • Monitor provides POWER/GROUND for the each camera.
  • Resolution:800*RGB*480 
  • Separate trigger control wire for each camera.
  • System:PAL & NTSC optional 
  • Power:12~32VDC
  • Automatic switch-over to the image to the corresponding triggered camera and back to the original mode when the trigger stops.
  • Multiple menu languages: English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
  • Normal, Flip, Mirrored, Mirrored Flip picture can be switched separately on each camera.
  • Customizable guide lines.  
  • Adjustable trigger time delay (1-5 seconds) on each camera.
Vehicle Fitment
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • None available