Released in July 2016, our BSDS3 kit was one of the first reliable blind spot sensor kits to truly detect objects in the vehicle’s blind spot.  Using MICROWAVE technology and a sophisticated algorithm allows fewer to no false detection, giving the driver more confidence while driving, even in rainy conditions.  These sensors are designed so installation is a snap.  Requires zero calibration and no drilling in to the vehicle’s bumper, which maintains a factory look.  The flush mount, smoked LEDs give a clean look.  Once the driver activates either turn signal, the hidden speaker will give an audible warning while the LED indicator will light up on the side the object is on.  The BSDS3 was designed to work on most vehicles with plastic, urethane, and fiberglass bumpers, giving our kit a truly universal application. (Will not work on metal bumpers or truck bedsides)


  • OEM Performance
  • 2 sensor kit designed to mount behind the bumper
  • No drilling required 
  • 2 LED indicators for visual warning
  • External speaker
    • Universal
    • None available