Vehicles today, especially larger ones, have blind spots can make lane changing difficult and most of all dangerous.  You never know when an object is in your blind spot.  Blindwatch interfaces and cameras kits make this ever growing problem the best solution to help prevent accidents resulting from the inability to see from your vehicle's side view mirrors.

The GM7MVMOD allows full control of your cameras through the factory touchscreen.


When using the HDMI input, the GM7MVMOD will allow you to connect your smartphone for one way mirroring.



  • MUST have the IOB 7" screen and 2 piece radio.
  • Works with the factory rear camera present.
  • NOT compatible with the IO3/IO4 (4.2" screen) or the IO5/IO6 (8" screen)

Pictured below is a 7" IOB in the Silverado and Sierra.  The volume/power will be in the center of the radio.


  • Multi Camera input camera interface
  • Provides a REAR camera input
  • Provides a FRONT camera input
  • Provides turn signal activation on the RIGHT and LEFT camera input for Blindwatch.
  • Provides a CARGO/secondary rear camera input which is selectable while in reverse.
  • Forced activation of the cameras through the touch screen.
  • HDMI input
  • Module only.
  • Works with OEM rear camera present.
  • Plug & Play installation
Vehicle Fitment:


  • 2016 - 18 Silverado 1500/2500/3500 with the 7" IOB radio
  • 2019    Silverado 2500/3500 with the 7" IOB radio
  • 2017 - 18 Colorado with the 7" IOB radio


  • 2016 - 18 Sierra with the 7" IOB radio
  • 2019    Sierra 2500/3500 with the 7" IOB radio
  • 2017 - 18 Canyon with the 7" IOB radio